About me

Hi 👋, I'm Saurabh Rai. I am a Full-Stack Developer with 2+ years of experience in software engineering. My toolkit encompasses Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and SCSS, & more. I excel at crafting responsive, dynamic websites prioritizing user engagement.

I'm currently working 👨‍💻 for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Full-Stack Engineer. Previously I worked as a Freelance Dev-Rel, Community Manager for Invide, where I worked on increasing their community size and engagement and organizing tech events. I was also a Google Summer of Code 22 Mentor for Weaviate.

Thank you for visiting my website 🙋‍♂️.

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  1. Software Developer

    Tata Consultancy Services

    Oct 2021 — Present

    • ✱ Orchestrated the development and maintenance of over six web applications utilizing Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, NgRx, and RxJS on the front-end and Java, Spring Boot on the back-end, resulting in a 70% enhancement in user experience and performance.

    • ✱ Leverage Java and Spring Boot for creating robust, scalable server-side applications, improving the efficiency of back-end operations by 50%.

    • ✱ Conducted comprehensive testing for both front-end (using Jasmine and Karma for Angular applications) and back-end components, increasing test coverage by 80% and significantly reducing post-deployment issues.

    • ✱ Implemented SQL for data management and manipulation, enhancing data retrieval efficiency and ensuring data integrity.

    • ✱ Adopted end-to-end software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies, leading to more streamlined workflows, better version control, and a reduction in production bugs by 40% across the full stack.

    • ✱ Collaborated with the UX/UI team to deliver front-end designs while managing back-end operations, ensuring an intuitive, immersive user experience aligned with current design trends and standards.

    • ✱ Played an active role in agile development processes, contributing to regular scrum meetings, sprints, and product backlogs, ensuring faster delivery and alignment with customer requirements in both front-end and back-end development.
  2. Developer Relations

    Invide Labs

    Sept 2021 — Apr 2023
    • ✱ Worked as a Freelancer and spearheaded the successful organization and coordination of a remote online conference, the Git Commit Show, with over 3000 global attendees, facilitated through collaboration with a team of 7 remote organizers and more than 13 esteemed speakers.

    • ✱ Drove a significant expansion in the developer community, growing from a base of 50 to over 5000 members through strategic engagement initiatives that fostered increased collaboration and knowledge exchange.

    • ✱ Curated and engaged with community members through a variety of channels, such as weekly meetups, blogs, newsletters, and social media, fostering a dynamic and active developer community.

    • ✱ Hosted and facilitated virtual networking events, resulting in increased community engagement and collaboration among developers from diverse backgrounds and regions.

    • ✱ Played an instrumental role in improving the company's brand visibility in the developer community, driving user engagement and participation in various community initiatives.
  3. Google Summer of Code 2022


    Mar 2022 — Dec 2022

    Served as a mentor for the Google Summer of Code 2022, guiding three students associated with the open-source organization Weaviate, facilitating weekly meetings, and employing SDLC best practices to ensure successful completion of their respective projects.


  1. GGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi

    2017 — 2021

    Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.
    CGPA: 8.7/10.0

My skills

  • Programming Languages
    • JavaScript ✦ TypeScript ✦ Java ✦ Python
    • C ✦ C++ ✦ Apache Groovy
  • Markup Languages
    • HTML ✦ Markdown ✦ YAML
  • Style Sheets
    • CSS ✦ SCSS
  • Web Dev Frameworks
    • React ✦ Redux ✦ NextJS ✦ Angular ✦ RxJS ✦ NgRx ✦ Bootstrap ✦ PrimeNG ✦ MaterialUI ✦ Tailwind CSS ✦ NodeJs ✦ Astro
    • Spring Boot ✦ Spring ✦ REST API ✦ GraphQL
  • Databases
    • Oracle SQL ✦ MySQL ✦ MongoDB
  • Other Technical Skills
    • Machine Learning ✦ Scikit Learn ✦ Spacy ✦ Pandas
    • Numpy ✦ Matplotlib ✦ Plotly